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7 Things You Miss About Living At Home With Your Parents!

25Mar 2016

So you're FINALLY out of the house and away from your parents who seemed to take every ounce of freedom away from you in high school. Yet the longer you live independently, the more you realize that you miss a few things... JUST a few though:

  1. Turning the air on to make your house like a scene out of Frozen during the month of July. Else would be so proud.

  2. Stuffing your face with snacks from the candy drawer that your mom kept stocked just for you. 

  3. Going out to dinner and ordering a full course meal and something other than water. 

  4. Your dad fixed everything in the house. Now you have to consult YouTube, which is usually a fail. 

  5. Having your mom act as your personal assistant like reminding you to call grandma on her birthday. 

  6. Fixing your parents' computer and being the golden child for the next 24 hours when all you did was Google it. 

  7. Keeping your entire paycheck for yourself and spending it on frivolous things. 


You spent the last several years of your life patiently waiting to move out of your parents house and experience independence. Now that you have independence, you've realized there are a few things you miss about living at home with mom and dad.