In most cases, we will allow subleasing of a room, but not an entire rental. If you want to sublease your room, there are no contracts or paperwork to sign through the Carriage House leasing office, although you may want to write up a personal contract. Management does not get involved in subleasing of rooms, so make sure you realize as the leaseholder, you will still be 100% liable for all conditions of the lease agreement. Also, make sure you get permission from other roommates, if applicable. If roommates don't agree, you can't move forward with subleasing your room. Please be aware that we can't accept any personal checks from the person subleasing your room. They would need to pay you, while you continue to submit your rental payment. You will remain on the lease agreement for the rental and will still be considered fully responsible for your lease terms, any late payments, damage, etc. that could occur.

If all leaseholders need to vacate a rental before the end of the lease term, please contact our office and ask for a property manager. We will let you know if it is possible to end your lease early or market it for a replacement tenant.

Yes! You are more than welcome to paint the interior walls of your apartment or home, provided you prime the walls before you move out. You may paint whatever color you choose; however, when you move out, the walls must be primed to the extent that the paint color of choice has been completely covered, and the Carriage House painting team can repaint with just one coat of paint.

If your apartment or rental home needs maintenance attention, you simply need to call the Carriage House office and let us know! You may also place a maintenance request through your tenant portal. We take care of all regular maintenance issues free of charge. Please know that if you do place a maintenance request, there will be a maintenance technician in your home within approximately 24 to 72 hours of your call (regular maintenance issues may take slightly longer during peak times).

Most Carriage House communities allow pets with a payment of a non-refundable pet fee of $350/pet (limit 3) and a proper Pet Agreement. Individual rental homes and duplexes have their own pet policies, so if you live in a Carriage House rental home or duplex, please inquire about the pet policy before getting a pet. For the purposes of the Carriage House pet policy, pets include cats, dogs, and fish in tanks. Rodents and exotic pets are not permitted.

In many apartment communities we manage, your monthly rental fee will rarely increase every renewal period. The rental rate you agree to on your original lease agreement usually remains the same for the first renewal term, as long as you renew your lease for an additional 12 months. If you request to renew your lease for less than 12 months, your rental rate could increase to the current market rental rate. If you live in a rental home or duplex, your rental rate may increase at renewal time, depending on market rates and owner requirements. If your rent is scheduled to increase, you will be notified prior to signing a renewal agreement and your lease will indicate the new rental rate.

If we receive notice that your rent check/payment has been returned unpaid, there will be a $40 insufficient funds fee applied to your rental account. Please be aware that if the check is returned to us after the 3rd day of the month, you will also incur a 10% late fee (because your rent was not paid on time). All balances resulting from returned checks/ACH payments must be paid in cash or money order. If we receive two returned checks/ACH payments from you during your time as a resident, we will no longer be able to accept personal checks from you and the payment option on your tenant portal could be deactivated.

1.You can pay your rent by credit/debit card, BUT WE DO NOT SUGGEST THIS OPTION, as the fees charged from the 3rd party processor are very high. You will be shown the convenience fee that will be charged prior to completing your payment.
2. You can make a payment, FREE OF CHARGE, by using the E-CHECK option offered. You will need to set up your bank account and routing numbers for this option.

We only accept CASH, CHECKS, & MONEY ORDERS at the office. We DO NOT accept credit/debit card payments. If paying outside of office hours, payments can be placed in the "rent drop box" located to the left of the main entrance.

You may mail your payment to P.O. Box 81135, Athens, GA 30608. If mailing your payment, make sure you mail it in advance so that it arrives on time. We will not remove late fees for mailed payments that do not arrive on time, even if they are postmarked prior to the due date.

If we have not received your rent by midnight on the 3rd of the month, a 10% late fee will be applied to the unpaid balance on your rental account. For example, if your rent is $325, late charge will be $32.50. You will have access through your tenant portal to log-in for balance details at anytime. If you have any questions related to your individual late charge and/or total balance, you are always welcome to call the Carriage House office.

Rent is due on the 1st of each month and considered late if not received by midnight on the 3rd of the month. Your rent can be mailed, hand-delivered, paid through your tenant portal, or left in the Carriage House drop box anytime during these first 3 days of the month and it will be considered "on-time". Please be aware, if you mail your payment prior to the 3rd, but it doesn't arrive at our office by the 3rd, it will be considered late. *Late fees will not be removed for any reason since there are several payment options.

We do require a holding fee in order to secure most properties. The holding fee required will become your security deposit once the lease term begins. Please call or email us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding the process.

We offer joint leases at Carriage House Realty.