Locally Owned, Locally Operated, Locally Supported!
Carriage House Realty is a locally owned and operated business. We aren’t some big name franchise that rolls out new building units and then leaves town as quickly as possible. Athens born-and-bred means that we love supporting the community! We’ve been in business for over forty years under the same ownership, and we have sales agents that have been with us for more than thirty! Even our day-to-day operations are managed by staff that have all been here a minimum of ten years. At Carriage House, we believe in family and loyalty.

Actual real live people! Who know what they’re doing!
Have you ever been frustrated by automated recordings that force you to leave messages for people you aren’t even sure will get back to you? So have we. That’s why there’s a real live person answering our phone! However, we realize that not everyone has a schedule that allows them to contact us during normal business hours, and so we do have a fully automated system for those who need to handle everything electronically. Because we believe in staying up-to-date with changes in our area, our agents serve on Board positions with Athens Area Multiple Listing Service (AAMLS), Commercial Land Committee (CLC), and the Athens Area Board of Realtors (AABR). In fact, several agents in our office have served as the President of the AABR, which strives to provide realtors with innovative services and education.

Hello... is it _____ you’re looking for? We have it!
If you’re concerned that we won’t have what you’re looking for, don’t be! Carriage House is proud to offer properties that can fit just about any need, from one bedroom to nine, from condos to houses, from downtown to the suburbs. With locations all over Athens in every size and shape available, you’ll be hard pressed not to find exactly what you’re looking for. Still not convinced? Carriage House doesn’t simply operate in Athens, but in all the surrounding areas. We offer properties in Oconee, Morgan, Madison, and Oglethorpe counties, and many more! And because we’re open six days a week, we nearly always have time to show you any property you want. Our rentals don’t offer all the amenities that some of the other complexes may offer, but we make up for it with a lot of square footage at a very reasonable price. Additionally, we offer in-house maintenance, contractors, cleaners, and painters, so we can get things done quickly before move-in.

Everything you need in one convenient location!
Carriage House Realty wants to be your one-stop shop. We rent, buy, sell, and manage both residential and commercial properties. Not only are we just as adept with commercial properties as we are with residential, but we also can assist with corporate relocation. We really can do it all!

We are family!
Finally, Carriage House Realty rewards customer loyalty within our apartment communities. We stand by our customers, so we do everything possible not to raise rent once they sign with us. We may raise the rent in the community, but only for new leases. Carriage House believes in honoring the original rate for current customers that renew-- and from what we’ve heard, not many other places will. With that being said, we also manage property for many investors, so we can't always call the shots. We do encourage our owners to offer renewal leases at the original rate, but ultimately we honor their decision if an increase is requested. Therefore, we can't guarantee that rent won't increase at all the properties we manage, but we'll do the best we can to ensure you get the best deal. As we said before, at Carriage House, we believe in family and loyalty.

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On The Residential Side, If You Are Looking For A House, Apartment, Townhome, Or Duplex To Lease In The Athens Area, Watkinsville Area, Or Near The University Of Georgia? We’ve Got You Covered. We Currently Procure Tenants For, And Manage Several Hundred Properties In And Around Athens!