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We proudly service Athens and North Georgia

Carriage House Realty is a multi-generational, full service real estate agency whose quality and talented employees are dedicated to and pride themselves on delivering the highest level of expertise and service. It is our desire to serve Athens and all of North Georgia with unparralled real estate advice, expertise and service.

It’s hard to imagine searching for a home without the internet. In today’s world everything is connected. From viewing homes for sale to getting basic information about the home selling process, we are constantly online looking for ways to achieve our real estate goals.

It is our mission to connect you with the best possible service. We have taken the time to provide a wealth of information on our website so that you can be the most informed consumer possible. When you’re ready, simply fill out one of our forms or call and we can chat about how to achieve your goals. Real estate doesn’t need to be a bunch of empty promises. Let's connect your dreams to something real.